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ACT Traffic Infringement

Request more time to dispute Notice

  • This form applies to ACT Traffic Infringement notices only (no parking tickets, no inter-state)
  • You must submit the form within 28 days after the 'Date of Service' of the Infringement Notice or the Reminder Notice.
  • You will be notified of the length of your extension and your new response date, in writing, by mail.

* indicates mandatory field – complete this information to submit the form.

Please note: An error has been identified that prevents some forms from being submitted. Please remove single quotes or apostrophes (For example O'connell, police officer's, etc.) and ampersands (&).

Notice details

Traffic Infringement ref 1*
Date of service 1*
Infringement ref 2
Date 2
Infringement ref 3
Date 3
Infringement ref 4
Date 4
Infringement ref 5
Date 5
Infringement ref 6
Date 6

Contact details

Drivers licence number*
Full name*
Current street address*
Contact phone*
Alternate phone contact
Email address

Extension details

Length of extension to dispute notice (max 28 days)

If you have any problems with this online form, email ACT Traffic Infringements.