Child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism: Suspicious Behaviour Report form

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Child sexual exploitation in travel and tourism

Suspicious Behaviour Report

If a child is in danger, do not use this form – contact your local Police Service directly.

Any information you provide will be kept confidential.

We encourage you to provide your contact details, so that we can follow up on your report.

* indicates mandatory field - complete this information to submit the form.

Please note: An error has been identified that prevents some forms from being submitted. Please remove single quotes or apostrophes (For example O'connell, police officer's, etc.) and ampersands (&).

Note: This form is designed to enable members of the public to provide relevant information to assist the Australian Federal Police. For general or media enquiries please refer to the AFP contact information page for relevant AFP business areas.

Incident location information

Time and Date of incident*
(If time and date are unknown please indicate a time period relevant to the information)
(Please indicate in as much detail as possible the location that the suspicious behaviour was observed. Include details of the Country and Region if applicable)

Report of suspicious behaviour

Details of incident*
(Include a description or identifying information of any child involved, if applicable)
Suspicious person/s*
(Include any description or identifying information regarding the suspicious person/s)

Your contact details (optional)

Your first name/s
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If you have any difficulties in completing this form online please print the Suspicious behaviour report form (PDF, 100KB) to submit information by fax or post.